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#macedonia Rules of Conduct



IRC is not a democracy. keep that in mind.
We are trying to make #macedonia as democratic as possible, and trying to give everybody their rights, and we do our best. However, the whole structure of the IRC prevents full democracy and equal rights to everybody that comes on the channel.

Remember, a lot like in the army, veteran people have more rights than new ones. It doesn't mean that a veteran can violate the rules, but s/he will have more access to do things new ones do not.

And last but not the least - these rules are not legally drafted. They are written in common language so everybody will understand them. Don't try to find weird interpretations to them.

Rule 1. No flooding, hacking, cracking, DoS attacking or any other type of obtrusive and/or malicious activity which has and inhibitive or adverse effect on the channel. No exceptions!

Rule 2. No public harassing of other users (this includes, but is not limited to: vulgar language aimed at others for no other purpose but to annoy the living daylights out of the user(s), screaming out inarticulate things on the channel, overusing CAPS on the channel, racial/ethnical slurs, and/or just being PLAIN ANNOYING TO OTHERS on the channel, without a particular fitness or purpose).

Rule 3. No advertising of other channels.

Rule 4. No request for op status (OPs is assigned by Admins, whenever they see it fit. Your duty is to find out what 'fits' and enlighten us with the news).

Rule 5. Macedonian & English are the offical languages of the channel.

Rule 6. Bans are (usually) temporary in nature, and are not be subverted/thwarted by offenders (take the punishment you deserve, or be condemned for a long time).

Rule 7. Clone bots are not allowed (multiple IRC clients from a cafe doesn't constitute cloning).

Rule 8. OPs/Admins are humans (they make mistakes and can/will bend the rules if needed).

Rule 9. No ANNOYING scripts allowed (use /remote off to turn them off if you don't know how to uninstall them).

Rule 10. No vulgar nicks are to be present on the channel (includes nicknames containing a fragment or the whole of, but are not limited to: sh*t, pi*s, cu*t, fu*k, coc**ucker, mothe**ucker or ti*s, or their Macedonian translations and/or other 'inventive' vulgar phrases)

Furhter Explanation

Why so many rules?
When #macedonia was founded in 1994 the channel only had around 12-20 regular users and rules were really not necessary. Nowadays, however, lamers come in waves, we have floodnet, wingates, spoofs, nukes etc.. all illegal(*) activities! We need some solid rules and guidelines to protect the Channel and users alike.

(*) Illegal in many countries. Such activities are enough to get you K-Lined from the Undernet.

C'mon! Why can't I say f*ck in the channel?
C'mon, why do you need to say a word of such vulgarity in the channel? Swearing is still not an internationally approved tool. Would you go to your grandparents and swear to them? If your answer is "yes" you really do have serious problems.

I didn't meant to text flood, why am I banned?
A text flood ban is usually rather temporary :) Just to prevent the user from using an auto-re-join script.

I like my nick, "SexToy" and I am not going to change it!
You do deserve one and only one warning. After that I am not sure what some ops will do. ("Fine, you can use your nick. Please go and use it elsewhere.")

I have been here for 6 months and I am not op yet!!
#macedonia tends to select the ops carefully and with discrete voting schemes. Continuously asking for ops will usually only make it worst, be patient :) if you are really good, you will be invited.

I am just conversing in my own language and I am kicked, wtf??
This is, after all, #macedonia. Many users come into the channel asking for Albanian, Turkish, Greek, etc etc etc. It's not that we don't permit other languages, but we do moderate them.... sometimes some ops ask "nick1 and nick2 please try to converse in English or Macedonian here." If nick1 and nick2 react rudely or violently, they do deserve to be kicked.

I am banned from #macedonia and I didn't do anything
It could be a site ban, or a virus ban.

I am kicked/banned for no reason! Why?!
Could u have brought in a clone? Might u have angered someone in /msg? If you really need to justify this, you can contact us by joining our forum .

How to apply to be an op?
You don't "apply" to be one :) Chat a lot in #macedonia, become a regular user and learn to pay attention to our rules. Like I said earlier, if you are really good, you will be invited. If you show plenty of enthusiasm for the channel, you will be noticed, and may be asked if you would like to beecome an op. Unfortunately, of course, "Anyone who wants to govern is not fit to govern." (paraphrased from Richard Feynman).


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